Alpha Pi Mu  

Why Join Alpha Pi Mu?

  • You get a unique opportunity to become more involved with the department
  • You get constant interaction with faculty and staff
  • You can apply for various scholarships provided by the national chapter which are exclusive to members only
  • Companies give added consideration to honor society members and it looks great on your resume
  • Various leadership opportunities are available each year
  • Virginia Tech is among the best chapters in the country
  • It makes you stand out from other ISEs
  • You can have fun with fellow ISE students and get free pizza twice a year at the General Assembly Meetings
  • If you have new ideas for programs or events, you can always pitch them forward to Alpha Pi Mu and make them become a reality

Requirements to join Alpha Pi Mu

    The National Constitution sets minimum scholarship requirements for membership eligibility. Individual chapters may establish requirements above this minimum level. The Constitution states that only those ranked in the upper one-fifth of the junior class or the upper one-third of the senior class can be considered for membership. Graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional scholarly achievement may, upon nomination by the department head, be considered for membership. Invitation for membership is made subsequent to a chapter election held in the fall and spring semesters of each academic year. Also, there is an application and a onetime due. If you have any specific questions about Alpha Pi Mu, check with any of your departmental advisors or any of the officers.