Alpha Pi Mu  

Mentoring Program

This semester Alpha Pi Mu is launching a new mentoring program geared towards you, the students of ISE! The idea behind the mentoring program is to allow upperclass and graduate students to become mentors for other ISE students interested. Mentors will be able to provide advice and answer questions on topics such as:
  • How can I become more involved with the department?
  • What should I look for in an internship?
  • How do I study for difficult ISE courses?
  • What types of research do graduate students conduct?

Just hear what a past student has to say about her experience with mentoring;

"As a sophomore I signed up for a mentor from APM and it was a great experience getting to talk to someone who is already so involved in the major. Now, as a Junior I can say that it was one of the best decisions I made. I have been able to ask her questions about coursework, the different ISE programs, and just life in general. My mentor is one of the most involved people I know in the ISE department and seeing her passion for the major inspired me to take on more responsibility to take on a leadership positions with the Institute of Industrial Engineers and the ISE Ambassadors. It was a really great experience and I still go to her for advice as both my APM mentor and as my friend."

ISE Alumni-Student Mentorship Program

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ISE Peer Mentoring Program

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